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Hotel Connections has a robust product suite that extends from procurement (sourcing the best supplier contracts for crew, distressed, and corporate travel) to finance (invoice reconciliation and accounting). We are leading the market through the evolution of these applications, striving to immerse deeper into the bloodstream of our airline clients in order to make a difference in cost savings and service quality. Our products are developed with a focus on crew members, station managers, and passengers in order to deliver truly valuable solutions.

TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS) Our proprietary hotel database is integrated with a best-in-class CRM system which delivers the ability to search, bid, data mine, manage and report all procurement activity related to your program on a global basis

SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT Our schedule program supports crew room planning using both one and two-way interfaces. Through our proprietary business rule engine, we apply each client’s business rules (check-in, checkout, duration, etc.) to the hotel room blocking process to ensure that inventory is accurately blocked and rooms are accurately billed.

INVOICE MANAGEMENT The newest generation of our billing system features a host of features and benefits designed to drive prompt accurate reconciliation, enable dynamic adjustment capabilities and an ad hoc reporting package.



forzest 20mg xr The Report Management Module provides a variety of reporting capabilities facilitating the airline clients to budget, and forecast next year’s spend. It also provides a comprehensive report on the rate behavior for each of the contracted hotels, a comprehensive view of the current total spend and specifics on any of the details related to the current budget or future planning’s and expenditures.


Whether you are booking hotel accommodations for crew, corporate or leisure travel, our proprietary hotel booking engine gives you an intuitive tool to book hotel rooms with speed and accuracy. In addition to your contracted crew rates and Hotel Connections contracted rates, RezConnections interfaces with Sabre GDS providing an even more generous selection.


Available for all iOS and Android devices our mobile app offers airline crew members the ability to quickly retrieve real time information for current and upcoming trips including hotel details, negotiated benefits, terminal pick up locations and our newest feature: real time location of the ground transportation vehicle. Flight status information can be also accessed and reviews of the hotel can be uploaded directly from the app.


This web-based system, also accessible on the mobile app, allows our account management team to follow up with hotel properties and transportation agencies to ensure they are providing superior service to our customers.

Flight status information

Real time location of the ground transportation vehicle. 

Real time information

Hotel details, negotiated benefits, terminal pick up and drop off locations